About our Experts

Membership of the CAPBT is solely by qualification, with members having to pass the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology’s (COAPE) independently accredited COAPE Diploma in Animal Behaviour, this Diploma is run through COAPE SA.

There are two types of membership of the CAPBT:

Affiliate members comprise students who have completed their Diploma in Animal Behaviour and are qualified to consult on general problematic behaviours. They tend to work with pets and their owners in related fields, such as veterinary nursing, rescue, and dog training centres.

Practitioner members have completed the EMRA Advanced Diploma, been further rigorously assessed and accredited, and tend to work in broader independent behaviour referral practices.

All members work under a strict Code of Practice (above), which includes the assurance that coercive or punitive techniques and equipment are never used in treatment. CAPBT members maintain their state-of-the-art competence and knowledge through attending various Continuing Professional Development courses offered by COAPE and others, and have ongoing access to a wealth of expertise and support via a lively Members Association of over 200 qualified members. You can be assured of the very best of qualified and up to date help with a CAPBT member.

If a client is unsatisfied with the services they have received, they should in the first instance refer their concerns back to the CAPBT member. If still unsatisfied they should then email us with details of their concerns and name of the CAPBT member on capbtsa@coapesa.com.