CAPBT Code of Practice

CAPBT SA Code of Practise

1. COAPE Association of Pet Behaviourists and Trainers South Africa (CAPBT SA) Members may work in close association with a client’s veterinary practitioner when treating behaviour problems.  Fees charged do not exceed those charged by members of other helping professions with comparable experience and qualifications. The welfare of the client and their pet are paramount at all times and are not subject to commercial considerations.

2. CAPBT SA Members have a responsibility to both clients and their pets as well as to society in general. Interventions should not knowingly cause any avoidable psychological damage, distress or physical damage.  All interventions are explained to and discussed with the client to enable them to make an informed decision regarding the intervention.

3. Interventions carried out by CAPBT SA Members are assumed to be the practical application of a scientifically based body of knowledge or resulting from proven practical experience. Where interventions are experimental, the client and their veterinary practitioner (if applicable) are fully informed. CAPBT SA Members keep the client as fully informed as possible about the nature of and reasons for their interventions including any possible risk or drawbacks and do not lead their clients to form unrealistic expectations of the outcome of their interventions.

4. CAPBT SA Members do not seek to impose their own values on the client.  They will maintain a professional relationship with the client and will not exploit the relationship for improper personal, professional or financial gain.  CAPBT SA Members recognise that information acquired about clients and their pets is confidential, within the limits of the law, and will ensure that this information is not used in any inappropriate manner.   Where details of cases are made public, the anonymity of the client is preserved and any photography, video or tape recordings of clients, their pets or their property are made and used only with the consent of the client.

5. The personal and professional conduct of CAPBT SA Members is such that at all times it will build confidence in their profession and COAPE.  CAPBT SA Members do not attempt to practice when unable to do so competently by reason of any physical condition or psychological state.

6. CAPBT SA Members do not exploit their professional status or reputation by associating themselves with the promotion, endorsement or sale of any article whose efficacy and relevance to the profession is not supported by evidence of a standard acceptable to the profession or COAPE.

7. Where CAPBT SA Members employ workers or assistants who are not CAPBT SA Members they are responsible for ensuring that such workers conform to CAPBT SA standards and this Code of Practise in their dealings with the public.

8. In public statements CAPBT SA Members maintain professional standards comparable to those in other areas of their professional life and do not misrepresent their activities or make unrealistic claims. CAPBT SA Members do not make assertions that are not justified by evidence and make it clear whenever they are expressing personal opinion or speculating beyond available evidence.

9. CAPBT SA Members respect the viewpoint and independence of other CAPBT SA Members and do not publicly denigrate their professional conduct or opinion. Where a CAPBT SA Member violates acceptable standards of professional conduct this should be reported to the Chairperson of CAPBT SA to be handled in terms of the CAPBT SA disciplinary process.


ALL CAPBT SA Members agree and adhere to this Code of Practise